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Image File NameProduct Description
PYRA10 manual protocol PYRA10 manual protocol 
LP PYRA03 manual protocol LP PYRA03 manual protocol 
LP PYRA 03,03AC,03AV CH/EN Spec. LP PYRA 03,03AC,03AV Chinese and English specifications 
The EPPLEY (Standard) The EPPLEY (Standard) 
The EPPLEY (Customize) The EPPLEY (Customize) 
PYRA 04 + LP BL PYRA 04 + LP BL 
DeltaOHM LP PYRA 02/03/12/05/06/LP Net 07 DeltaOHM LP PYRA 02/03/12/05/06/LP Net 07 
LP PYRHE 16 ● LP PYRHE 16 version is passive and requires no power supply.● LP PYRHE 16 AC, AV, S versions are active and require power supply.● The requested voltage is :10-30 VDC for LP PYRHE 16 AC and LP PYRHE 16 AV versions with 0..1V and 0..5 V,output. 15-30 VDC for LP PYRHE 16 AV version with 0..10V output. 5-30Vdc for version LP PYRHE 16 S with RS485 MODBUS-RTU output.● All versions are provided with a 4-pole M12 output connector.● The optional cable, with M12 connector at one end, is in UV-resistant PTFE, it is supplied with 3 wires plus shield. 
Dr01 First Class Pyrheliometer Dr01 pyrheliometer, output 10μV/W/m2, conform to ISO 9060 and WMO standards, irradiance range 0 to 2000W/m2, temperature range -40 to +80°C, signal cable 5M 
portable pyranometer catalogs portable pyranometer catalogs 
ISO 9060 class II
portable pyranometer
ISO 9060 class II
portable pyranometer, Type: LP 471 PYRA 03.5 + HD2302, Typical sensitivity: 10uA/(W/m2), Spectral field: 305nm ~ 2800nm, Measuring range: 0 ~ 2000W/m2, Viewing field: 2πsr, Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃, Fully comply with ISO 9060 second class standards.
HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (Chinese) HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (Chinese) 
HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (English) HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (English) 
pyrSi-03 Monocrystalline Silicon Cell (50 x 50 mm²) laminated under special Solar Glass with excellent UV resistance and long-term stability 
silicon solar radiation sensor silicon solar radiation sensor 
日煬科技通過TUV ISO 9001: 2008認證
ISO 9001:2008
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