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Hukseflux SR15 digital series manual v2003 Hukseflux SR15-A1 first class Pyranometer, μV, WMO ISO 9060, IEC 61724, v2003 
Hukseflux SR15-A1 first class Pyranometer Hukseflux SR15-A1 first class Pyranometer, first class pyranometer, μV, WMO ISO 9060, IEC 61724, 2017 standard 
Hukseflux SR15 DIGITAL SERIES first class Pyranometer Hukseflux SR15 DIGITAL SERIES first class, Hukseflux SR15 DIGITAL SERIES first class pyranometer, Modbus,
over 2-wire RS-485, RTU, 20 mA
Hukseflux SR05 digital series manual Hukseflux SR05 digital series manual 
Hukseflux SR05 series Pyranometer Hukseflux SR05 series Pyranometer 
Hukseflux SR05-A1Pyranometer manual Hukseflux SR05-A1Pyranometer manual 
PYRA10 manual protocol PYRA10 manual protocol 
LP PYRA03 manual protocol LP PYRA03 manual protocol 
LP PYRA 03,03AC,03AV CH/EN Spec. LP PYRA 03,03AC,03AV Chinese and English specifications 
The EPPLEY (Standard) The EPPLEY (Standard) 
The EPPLEY (Customize) The EPPLEY (Customize) 
PYRA 04 + LP BL PYRA 04 + LP BL 
DeltaOHM LP PYRA 02/03/12/05/06/LP Net 07 DeltaOHM LP PYRA 02/03/12/05/06/LP Net 07 
LP PYRHE 16 ● LP PYRHE 16 version is passive and requires no power supply.● LP PYRHE 16 AC, AV, S versions are active and require power supply.● The requested voltage is :10-30 VDC for LP PYRHE 16 AC and LP PYRHE 16 AV versions with 0..1V and 0..5 V,output. 15-30 VDC for LP PYRHE 16 AV version with 0..10V output. 5-30Vdc for version LP PYRHE 16 S with RS485 MODBUS-RTU output.● All versions are provided with a 4-pole M12 output connector.● The optional cable, with M12 connector at one end, is in UV-resistant PTFE, it is supplied with 3 wires plus shield. 
Dr01 First Class Pyrheliometer Dr01 pyrheliometer, output 10μV/W/m2, conform to ISO 9060 and WMO standards, irradiance range 0 to 2000W/m2, temperature range -40 to +80°C, signal cable 5M 
portable pyranometer catalogs portable pyranometer catalogs 
ISO 9060 class II
portable pyranometer
ISO 9060 class II
portable pyranometer, Type: LP 471 PYRA 03.5 + HD2302, Typical sensitivity: 10uA/(W/m2), Spectral field: 305nm ~ 2800nm, Measuring range: 0 ~ 2000W/m2, Viewing field: 2πsr, Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃, Fully comply with ISO 9060 second class standards.
HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (Chinese) HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (Chinese) 
HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (English) HD2302 Pyranometer operation manual (English) 
pyrSi-03 Monocrystalline Silicon Cell (50 x 50 mm²) laminated under special Solar Glass with excellent UV resistance and long-term stability 
silicon solar radiation sensor silicon solar radiation sensor 
日煬科技通過TUV ISO 9001: 2008認證
ISO 9001:2008
Management System
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